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I'm a graphic designer. I started off doing art and tubes in Paintshop pro.

Then I learned to create vrml stuff for the Cybertown virtual mall years ago. It's there where I found out about Poser to make my virtual pictures to add to my 3d frames to sell at the virtual mall. I have been making products for Poser and DazStudio for sale and for freebies since I learned how. Some 3d virtual props I made for the mall I changed to work in Poser these props are in the download section. There's some old V3 free stuff for Poser that as well for anyone who still use Vicky3.

I mostly use Daz Studio now and have some freebies for it also. You can find those in my store at The Fantasies Attic. The links will take you to the page where you can download the files. If you would like to support me making more freebies, please check out my store there.

I will be adding some PSP , PSD tubes as soon as I can gather them and zip them up. I have just changed servers, and it might be awhile before I can get everything set up.



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